Yoona recently attended Paris Fashion Week with the Miu Miu brand. Having a beautiful and charming face, Yoona’s attractiveness is no doubt in the public spotlight.

As if she was happy to participate in Paris Fashion Week, Yoona kept uploading beautiful photos while she was there. As seen in Yoona‘s Instagram upload on Wednesday (4/10).

source: instagram.com/yoona__lim

There are six photos uploaded by Yoona. In the first part of the photo, Yoona is seen standing near the window. Not looking at the camera, the star of the drama “King the Land” posed as if he was dazzled by the sunlight shining on him.

In the second photo slide, Yoona starts to act coquettishly. She took a mirror selfie while pouting like a normal girl.

Meanwhile, in the third photo, Yoona shows off one of her elegant yellow Miu Miu bag products. An invitation card with the name Yoona was also in his hand.

Again, Yoona took photos alone in the next few uploads. This time, she looked beautiful in a brown coat with a short skirt. Yoona’s hairstyle also looks charming with the hair clip she is wearing.

Not long after it was uploaded, Yoona’s post was immediately flooded with comments. Many netizens were shocked by the photos bombarded by Yoona. There is no doubt that many netizens, especially fans, have given praise after praise.

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