Yoo Seung Ho and BTS V in Running Man

“Running Man” has provided a sneak peak at the latest episode which will be broadcast on December 3. The 682nd episode was highly anticipated because V BTS and Yoo Seung Ho came as guest stars.

The trailer for the upcoming episode of “Running Man” shows the members and guests competing in the Caramel World theme. According to the theme title, Kim Jong Kook CS seems to be competing to get the most caramel candies.

V and Seung Ho also seem to be involved in fierce competition. The reason is, there was a moment when Seung Ho was forced to show cute behavior by shaking his butt when faced with V who was holding a water gun.

Seeing Seung Ho’s unexpected behavior, V immediately burst out laughing. The trailer for the upcoming episode of “Running Man” also shows how V and Seung Ho are so skilled at facing Yoo Jae Seok cs in various missions.’

Yoo Seung Ho

On the other hand, the “Running Man” production team reportedly had difficulty arranging the schedule so that V and Seung Ho could appear in the same episode. The reason is, the two stars both have very busy schedules at the end of 2023.

However, V and Seung Ho’s appearance in 1 episode of “Running Man” was highly anticipated because both of them had successfully deceived Song Ji Hyo CS when they were guest stars previously. Haha at that time proposed to invite V and Seung Ho in 1 episode, and now it has really come true.

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