Yoo Seung Ho

“Running Man” broadcast its 674th episode on Sunday (8/10). In the latest episode, Yoo Seung Ho turns out to be good at betraying, surprising ‘Running Man’ members, which of course shocked his fellow team members.

Footage of the latest episode of “Running Man” shows Seung Ho being named team captain. The actor’s team members are Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Yang Se Chan and Song Ji Hyo. They will face the team led by Yoo Jae Seok.

When the money was distributed for the first time, Seung Ho initially acted honestly by only taking 10 dollars. However, Haha actually lied and said that Seung Ho took a lot of money. Even though Haha was the one who took the most money, namely 80 dollars.

Yoo Seung Ho

In the second distribution of money, Seung Ho immediately adapted to being a traitor. Of the 300 dollars his team got, the handsome actor took the most money, reaching 180 dollars.

As if that wasn’t enough, Seung Ho, who was invited by Haha, agreed to betray his team. Based on the results of the suit, Ji Hyo and Suk Jin should get 100 dollars divided by two. However, Seung Ho and Haha had already taken 40 dollars each.

Even though he was caught betraying him, Seung Ho still lied which shocked his team members beyond belief. “He’s shameless,” said Ji Hyo. “What are you doing? What kind of person are you really?” Suk Jin asked.

Suk Jin had suggested that the money they got be divided equally. But Seung Ho lied, “But there is only 20 dollars.” His teammates were shocked again. “Hey, you’re too much. You’re really shameless. You (the staff) recorded it, right,” accused Suk Jin.

Seung Ho’s betrayal of his teammates did not end in vain because the actor escaped punishment. In the end, the three team members, namely Ji Hyo, Se Chan and Suk Jin, received punishment while Jae Suk’s team won.

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