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Running Man will broadcast a new episode on Sunday (8/10). Ahead of the airing, the SBS program production team shared a moment that shows how the ability to draw Yoo Seung Ho made Yang Se Chan shocked.

The latest episode of “Running Man” brought Yo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi and Yoo Su Bin became guest stars. The three handsome guys came to promote their new drama titled “The Deal” which will soon be aired.

Leaks from the production team, members and guest stars are divided into two teams and then asked to do a picture relay. Unlike previous game where haha uses many tricks, this time the mission is upgraded by combining character and image quizzes.

Yoo Jae Seok and Seung Ho became the first participant in the sequence of drawing. Jae Suk is known to always show a unique artistic style every time given a drawing mission. This time, the National MC seemed so confident.

“I only draw important points. You must understand my artistic style,” Jae Seok said. While Seung Ho seemed to smile confidently. Moreover, Su Bin suddenly said, “I heard that Yoo Seung Ho was a gold medalist in art competition.”

Once the main mission begins and various celebrity images are shown, Jae Seok and Seung Ho are starting to be enthusiastic about drawing in a different way. Jae Seok seemed to express all the characters briefly and bravely.

While Seung Ho created the character of “half -human half -animal” that successfully made members of “Running Man” shocked. When the picture of the two people was shown, the members commented, “It seems they have similarities” and “you have to see it with a magical eyes.”

Meanwhile, “Running Man” became Seung Ho’s first variety show throughout his career in the acting industry. While the drama “The Deal”, starring the actor, was aired on 6 October. Don’t miss watching.

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