YG Entertainment has finally opened its voice regarding the debut schedule for their new girl group, BABYMONSTER. On Tuesday (10/10/2023), the agency just released BABYMONSTER’s debut teaser poster on their social media.

The public has been waiting for this girl group’s debut since it was first announced. However, YG Entertainment never released an official schedule so quite a few fans protested. Now, YG Entertainment has provided the schedule and continuation of BABYMONSTER’s debut. Come on, see the explanation!

1. BABYMONSTER’s debut postponed from September to November 2023


Through the Twitter account (now X), @YGBABYMONSTER, and the girl group’s Instagram account, YG Entertainment finally provided a teaser poster for BABYMONSTER’s debut. Agency representatives also provided information to the media regarding this matter.

“We are very careful in choosing debut songs with the aim of getting the best results. Because of this process, we ask fans for understanding regarding the delay in the debut which was supposed to take place last September,” said a YG Entertainment representative, reported by Koreaboo, on Tuesday (10/10/2023 ).

2. BABYMONSTER will shoot the MV at the end of October


Based on information from YG Entertainment, currently the BABYMONSTER members who have been determined are busy preparing for their debut. They continue to practice choreography and vocals for the title track.

The agency also leaked that BABYMONSTER will shoot their debut MV at the end of October 2023. Due to this series of processes, their debut is finally set for next November.

“All preparations are complete now. We will continue to work quickly so that BABYMONSTER can debut in November. Please give them your attention and support,” asked YG Entertainment.

3. Previously, rumors emerged that Ahyeon was leaving the debut line-up


YG Entertainment’s debut poster and statement were released after many parties suspected that Ahyeon was leaving the debut line-up. At the end of last September, a number of netizens gathered evidence of Ahyeon’s absence from a number of BABYMONSTER activities and content.

First, when BABYMONSTER watched BLACKPINK’s concert in Seoul, Ahyeon did not join the other six members. Netizens also noticed that on BABYMONSTER’s Instagram, Ahyeon’s last content was uploaded in July 2023. After that, there were no more videos that included her.

Although Ahyeon’s absence does not necessarily mean that she is leaving, some fans are still worried. However, YG Entertainment has not spoken out about this issue, including when announcing BABYMONSTER’s debut schedule. Let’s wait for the official confirmation

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