“Running Man” presents the latest episode on Sunday (29/10). In the 677th episode of the SBS program, Yang Se Chan commented on V BTS’s behavior when he was appointed as MC for the idol’s fan meeting some time ago.

“By the way, Se Chan hosted V’s new fan meeting?” Yoo Jae Seok asked in the opening session of “Running Man”. Se Chan confirmed that it was because of Haha’s help. “Haha hyung gave me that job,” said Se Chan.

Haha then jokingly asked for a commission from Se Chan. But the comedian answered, “The pay isn’t that high, hyung.” Jae Seok was quite surprised not to think that Se Chan would get paid from being the MC for V’s fan meeting.

Se Chan started to complain about V’s behavior which made him confused. “So I thought we would become close (after he became the MC for V’s fanmeeting). I hoped he would give me his number. But he left after the fanmeeting,” said Se Chan.

Haha was quite surprised to hear Se Chan’s story. “What? You didn’t get his cell phone number?” Haha asked. “So you’re just like an MC’s assistant? That’s how it started. Jae Seok started his career as my fanmeeting MC,” interrupted Kim Jong Kook.

However, Ji Suk Jin suddenly protested because he should have been offered to be the MC for V’s fan meeting. “You should contact me. I can do it for V for 300 dollars,” said Suk Jin.

Hilariously, Haha answered that there was an age limit to be the MC for V’s fan meeting. Jae Seok interrupted that Suk Jin could be the MC for Na Eun’s birthday event, his daughter. Meanwhile, So Min joins in offering Seok Jin to commemorate her grandfather’s death.

Meanwhile, V guested on “Running Man” to promote his debut solo album. In his fan meeting, V promised to be a guest star on the program with Jimin BTS by the end of 2023.

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