Winter Aespa

Winter aespa is becoming a hot topic because she appears with long wavy hair. Usually appearing with a short haircut these days, the owner of the real name Kim Minjeong steals attention with her appearance like a Marvel Cinematic Universe film character.

Recently, Winter appeared in discussion on the Nate Pann forum during a dress rehearsal for a festival. As is known, aespa appeared in two events on the same day, Sunday (8/10).

Winter Aespa

In a forum post, photos of Winter with long, bright orange hair were shared. It was stated that Winter increased the length and volume of her hair by using hair extensions.

In response, netizens on online forums also praised Winter’s beauty. Some of them think Winter’s visuals look more mature than usual.

“Winter is really beautiful… her eyes are like shining treasures. Beautiful and unique,” said one netizen. “Winter is getting prettier day by day,” said another netizen. “The color really suits Winter. She looks exactly like a Marvel character,” added another.

“I also like Winter with long hair. She looks cute with short hair but she’s like a goddess with long hair,” commented one netizen. “Winter is really crazy, really beautiful,” continued another netizen.

“Her long hair is a legend. When talking about Winter, people often know her with short hair. But I also like her long hair. She’s like a fairy,” said another.

Meanwhile, aespa managed to achieve the highest sales figures during the first day with “MY WORLD“. Hanteo noted that this SM Entertainment girl group has sold their new album up to 1,372,929 copies. In the first week, they managed to sell more than 1.5 million copies.

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