Captivating the King

In the drama Captivating the King, the story of Yi In (Jo Jung Suk) or the Great Prince Jinhan creates concern. From being held hostage in Qing to being called a traitor in his own country, Yi In faced it all alone. Even though he was just a victim of slander from the opposing camp.

The figure of Yi In, who is known to like peace, suddenly changes when his older brother, King Yi Sun (Choi Dae Hoon), dies. He then took over the king’s throne in a way that was considered fraudulent. So, is this a sign that Yi In will turn evil? Let’s look at the following points!

1. Yi In is in a state of urgency because of Kim Jong Bae’s accusations

Captivating the King

The issue of Joseon spies being sent to Ming heated up when it became known to Qing. The spy was sent by King Yi Sun through Kang Hang Soon (Son Hyun Joo). However, Yoo Hyun Bo (Yang Kyung Won) gave false information to Kim Jong Bae (Cho Seong Ha). Yi In is accused of being the mastermind behind the incident.

Bringing down Yi In was Kim Jong Bae’s goal, but he tortured the people closest to Yi In first to get testimony. Yi Sun permitted the torture because he was instigated by Kim Jong Bae’s words that Yi In and Kang Hang Soon who were facing Qing were planning to overthrow him.

Yi In became very desperate in this situation. His life is threatened because Kim Jong Bae will be persistent in getting testimony that Yi In sent the spy. Yi In must make the right decision to survive in these conditions.

2. Yi In lied about Yi Sun’s will not without reason

Captivating the King

Apart from Kim Jong Bae, Yi Sun also hates Yi In and wants to kill him. However, he died first because of his illness. Yi Sun also gave a will that was only heard by Yi In and Dayang Dong (Park Ye Young) so that his son would be appointed as the next king.

However, Yi In changed the contents of the will by collaborating with Dayang Dong. Yi In lied that he was the one who was given the power to become the new king. Of course, this decision was not made without reason.

One of the reasons that might underlie Yi In’s decision is to be free from Kim Jong Bae’s accusations. If this were not the case, Yi In could easily be removed by Kim Jong Bae.

Apart from that, if the throne is given to Yi Sun’s young son according to the will, then Kim Jong Bae will rule because he is his uncle. It could be that Yi In chose the underhanded route to avoid other bigger problems that might occur if the selfish Kim Jong Bae came to power.

3. Yi In still has inner conflict at the final moments of the struggle for the throne

Captivating the King

Yi In always hears that he is worthy of being king from the people around him, including his teacher Kang Hang Soon. In the past, he always ignored the praise because he didn’t want to fight with his older brother. However, the current precarious condition made him start to accept the praise and also his fate.

Yi In sincerely wants to have a positive influence on the country as the new king. That’s why he said he would not ascend to the throne if there were council members who did not agree. This proves that Yi In still has inner conflicts. He wanted all members of the council to accept his good intentions, but also had no other choice but to become king.

4. Yi In is aware of the consequences when taking the king’s throne

Captivating the King

Yi In knows exactly the consequences he will face when taking this bold and challenging step. Every decision he made after becoming king could not be made carelessly. There are always political opponents watching his actions.

He also has to be wary of people like Yoo Hyun Bo who never hesitate to betray. Yi In complied with Yoo Hyun Bo’s request to imprison Hee Soo (Shin Se Kyung) and Hong Jang (Han Dong Hee). That way, at least Yoo Hyun Bo wouldn’t betray him for now.

Regarding his cold attitude towards Hee Soo, viewers theorized that Yi In already had another plan to free Hee Soo. It is suspected that he was only pretending in front of Yoo Hyun Bo and would take steps in secret to help his friend.

Yi In’s drastic change in the fourth episode was unexpected by the audience. However, the points above indicate the possible underlying reasons for Yi In’s seemingly cruel actions when trying to take the throne. What do you think?

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