The Worst of Evil

Wi Ha Joon recently underwent an interview with local media regarding his acting in “The Worst of Evil”. One of the things the actor discussed was the kiss scene with Im Se Mi in the car.

“The Worst of Evil” is the first drama where Ha Joon has a kissing scene. “It wasn’t easy. I was really worried about how to do it. Luckily, it felt comfortable because she (Se Mi) helped,” confided Ha Joon.

Ha Joon said that the kiss scene was actually quite burdensome for Jung Gi Cheul. “In that scene, he was emotionally overwhelmed, after hearing something he always wanted to hear from Eui Jeong (Se Mi),” continued Ha Joon.

However, Ha Joon apparently has regrets about his first kiss scene. “Fortunately, the results look good. I just feel sorry because my first kiss on screen was not what you call beauty,” continued Ha Joon.

Ha Joon also discussed his first love experience. “I have a friend who I really like, very pure. It’s like in the movie ‘The Shower’, I live in the countryside, and he visits the island. I fell in love with him at first sight,” he said.

Ha Joon continued, “I wrote to her and liked her for about three years. I met her in high school and had a long distance relationship for two years.” When his first love asked to break up, Ha Joon didn’t accept it and begged for their relationship to continue.

“I have a necklace he gave me that I wore for a long time, until I was in my mid-20s, around 7 to 8 years old. I was the most innocent at that time,” he continued. It is because of this experience that Ha Joon finds “The Worst of Evil” interesting.

Meanwhile, Ha Joon also discussed his next drama project after starring in “The Worst of Evil”. The actor will star in the drama entitled “Graduation” with Jung Ryeo Won. “I’m in the middle of filming the drama. Finally, I can feel real love,” he said.

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