After being shown at the Busan International Film Festival, now the drama Vigilante (2023) is available on the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service. This drama is an adaptation of the webtoon of the same title written by CRG and illustrated by Kim Kyu Sam. Seeing the enthusiasm of Korean drama fans, Vigilante is said to be able to match the success of the Moving (2023) series.

Kim Ji Yong (Nam Joo Hyuk) is a Police Academy student. But on weekends, he actively hunts down criminals and punishes them, earning him the nickname “Vigilante”. Why did Kim Ji Yong turn into Vigilante? Come on, see the chronology here!

1. Kim Ji Yong’s has a sad past

When he was little, Kim Ji Yong’s mother was killed by a thug. The thug was drunk and immediately attacked and beat the mother to death. Little Kim Ji Yong saw this incident with his own eyes.

The thug was finally arrested by the police. However, because it was deemed that he did not do it intentionally and tried to make peace by giving a sum of money to the victim’s family, the defendant was only sentenced to 3 years and 6 months. This punishment is clearly not commensurate with what happened to Kim Ji Yong and his mother.

Since then, the injured Kim Ji Yong has felt great resentment. Not only the perpetrator who killed his mother, but also the unfair law.

2. The urge for revenge

Seventeen years have passed since the incident and now Kim Ji Yong is a student at the Police Academy. One day, he accidentally meets his mother’s killer again. The perpetrator assaulted a bus driver until he was seriously injured.

Seeing the crimes he committed, Kim Ji Yong remembered what he experienced as a child. He chased the perpetrator and beat him. When confronted with him, Kim Ji Yong admitted that he was grateful that the perpetrator was still evil so he still deserved to be punished while avenging his mother.

From this incident Kim Ji Yong found satisfaction in killing criminals. He started carrying out actions that he considered to be a form of justice every weekend.

3. The role of the media in raising Vigilante’s name

Reporter Choi Mi Ryeo (Kim So Jin) is interested in a violent crime case that recently occurred. He sniffed out red threads in several cases. Choi Mi Ryeo concluded that there was a figure who wanted to take the law into his own hands. In literary terms, this figure is called the Vigilante.

With the approval of his superiors, the Vigilante cases were given special coverage. As Choi Mi Ryeo predicted, people liked the concept. Vigilante’s name became increasingly famous until society was divided into two camps, supporters and opponents of Vigilante.

Kim Ji Yong became even more enthusiastic after learning that there were parties who supported his efforts to uphold justice according to his version. He is also increasingly establishing himself to become a Vigilante. He carried out various acts of murder under the guise of justice, making it difficult to find a way back to the truth.

The Vigilante figure who caused controversy will make you curious about Kim Ji Yong’s actions and the people who are trying to reveal his identity. This drama will trigger questions in the hearts of the audience, is Vigilante a villain or a hero? Come on, watch Vigilante which airs every Wednesday on Disney+ Hotstar.

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