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Jung Soon Deok (Choi Yi Hyun) lives a double life as a dutiful daughter-in-law and a reliable matchmaker in the drama The Matchmakers (2023). She finally met Sim Jung Woo (Rowoon) who offered her a job to help the Maeng family’s three daughters get married.

This task is certainly not easy. However, because the third daughter of the Maeng family was her best friend, Jung Soon Deok was willing to accept Sim Jung Woo’s offer.

Actually, Jung Soon Deok’s life is already sufficient. She didn’t do this matchmaking business to make money. So, what is Jung Soon Deok pursuing by becoming a matchmaker?

1. Jung Soon Deok lost her husband at a young age

The Matchmakers

Jung Soon Deok married Jo In Kook (Yun Yeo Won), the son of leftist official Jo Young Bae (Lee Hae Young), when she was still young. Unfortunately, her happiness didn’t last long. The husband died not long after their marriage. Jung Soon Deok also had to assume the status of a widow.

As the daughter-in-law of a high-class minister, Jung Soon Deok lives well. However, the routine of being a daughter-in-law who always serves and takes care of the household, makes Jung Soon Deok bored. She wanted to find entertainment outside the house without her husband’s family knowing.

2. Jung Soon Deok still wants to feel her heart beating fast

The Matchmakers

Becoming a widow at a young age, Jung Soon Deok was no longer allowed to feel love. The reason is, in the Joseon era, women who held the title of widow had to serve in their husband’s house. She had no chance to remarry.

However, deep inside Jung Soon Deok still longs for her husband’s love. She still wants to feel the thrill when interacting with the people she loves. Unexpectedly, she could get the thrill he longed for by seeing other people love each other.

3. Being a matchmaker makes Jung Soon Deok happy

The Matchmakers

Seeing the happy couple made Jung Soon Deok feel nervous too. Wanting to find that sensation of happiness, she often matches couples who he thinks can complement each other.

Jung Son Deok does have the ability to know someone’s suitability. She also often helps couples who love each other, but are not approved by their families.

In her efforts to be a matchmaker, Jung Soon Deok will do various things so that the couple she deems suitable can be happy. Her hard work ultimately made Jung Soon Deok a famous matchmaker in the capital.

On the other hand, Jung Soon Deok actually kept her dual role a secret from her husband’s family. So, in carrying out her mission, Jung Soon Deok left the house secretly.

If caught, Jung Soon Deok will definitely be punished, because it will bring shame to her family. A price that’s quite expensive to feel your heart beating fast, right?

Apparently there is a sad story behind Jung Soon Deok’s enthusiasm for becoming a matchmaker. Now, she meets Sim Jung Woo, who also has bad luck in love. Will their story turn into a love story? You can watch it in the drama The Matchmakers.

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