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Choi Hyun Wook turned down the offer to star in “My Relationship That I Also Oppose”. This news is quite surprising considering that the drama was directed by director Lee Eung Bok, PD who worked on “Descendants Of The Sun”, “Goblin” to “Mr. Sunshine”

The news that Hyun Wook refused to star in “My Relationship That I Also Oppose” was immediately confirmed by the agency. On Monday (16/10), GOLDMEDALIST revealed the real reason the 2002-born actor refused to star in the drama directed by the popular PD.

“It is true that Choi Hyun Wook received an offer to star in the new drama ‘My Relationship That I Also Oppose’, but we respectfully rejected it because his schedule did not match,” said a representative of the GOLDMEDALIST agency.

“My Relationship That I Also Oppose” will discuss the topic of whether a reunion with an ex is a continuation of a familiar relationship or the beginning of an unknown relationship. This drama is expected to touch the audience with the theme of reuniting first love.

“My Relationship That I Also Oppose” is also still waiting for an answer from Go Min Si, who is being targeted as the female lead. So far the agency has only said that the actress is considering the offer in a positive direction.

On the other hand, Hyun Wook has been in many supporting roles in dramas such as “Taxi Driver”, “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”, “Weak Hero Class 1” to “D.P. 2”. The actor is now the main character in tvN’s “Twinkling Watermelon”.

Meanwhile, Hyun Wook recently attracted controversy because he was recorded throwing cigarette butts carelessly. The actor via his personal Instagram account has apologized. However, Hyun Wook was still fined for violating the law on waste management.

GOLDMEDALIST issued an official statement on the fine saying, “After confirming the video recording, we checked the fine procedures and have completed the payment of the fine. We apologize once again for causing concern.”

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