An important part of a K-pop idol group’s comeback is appearing on music shows, and there were three music shows broadcast on three public TV stations in Korea. Recently, BLACKPINK became a topic of discussion after netizens realized they had never appeared on KBS “Music Bank”.

The three public TV stations that broadcast major TV programs are KBS with “Music Bank”, MBC with “Music Core”, and SBS with “Inkigayo”. Netizens are wondering what problems YG Entertainment has with KBS that BLACKPINK never appears on their music shows.

Not only BLACKPINK, singers and other YG idol groups have also not appeared on “Music Bank” for years, with BIG BANG last appearing in 2015. It has long been believed that the agency which also oversees TREASURE does not have a good relationship with KBS, or perhaps specifically with PD “Music Bank”.

A post on the online community TheQoo highlighted how BLACKPINK had never appeared on “Music Bank” once since their debut in 2016, even though they still managed to win one with the song “How You Like That”. This has also become a topic of discussion for netizens.

“Why don’t they get along? Is this the same reason why MBC fought with HYBE?” netizen comments. “I hope BLACKPINK can leave YG and start appearing on ‘Music Bank’,” said another netizen. “Good, there’s nothing good about ‘Music Bank’, so there’s no reason to attend,” added another.

“This is like HYBE artists who don’t appear on ‘Music Core’ haha. They’ve been doing this for years,” said netizens. “This is 100% because the music program is abusing power,” commented another. “Isn’t that because ‘Music Bank’ did something that was not good?” added another.

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