Actor Jo Bok Rae appeared as a cameo named Park Chan Il in the drama Moving (2023). The character he plays also looks suspicious and mysterious.

Actually, who is Park Chan Il who made Jang Ju Won overwhelmed when he fought with him? So far, here are some of the things we know about him.

1. Armed intruders from North Korea who entered the Northeast Inje area

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Episode 13 tells of the infiltration by armed agents from North Korea in the Northeast Inje area. At that time, Jang Ju Won (Ryu Seung Ryong) was reassigned as a secret agent from the NIS or State Intelligence Agency.

During this military operation, the South Korean military team was attacked by a group of armed troops. What’s more terrifying, it turns out there are superhumans among the attackers.

2. Park Chan Il is very powerful and fast

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The superpowered intruder referred to by Jo Rae Hyuk (Yoo Seung Mok) is Park Chan Il. In this episode, he is known to be able to move quickly, jump very high, and have very strong body strength.

He attacked the South Korean military platoon from the top of the hill by dropping various large rocks just by hitting or pushing them. When fighting Jang Ju Won, Park Chan Il was difficult to beat. He moved so fast that Jang Ju Won couldn’t knock him out. Park Chan Il also managed to escape from Jang Ju Won without any significant injuries.

3. Jo Bok Rae plays the character Park Chan Il

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This character is played by a popular actor named Jo Bok Rae. His figure has also appeared in the South Korean film and drama industry.

Even though he is a supporting actor or even a cameo, Jo Bok Rae’s face is certainly familiar to you Korean drama fans. A number of drama titles starring him include Agency (2023), Miraculous Brother (2023), to Our Beloved Summer (2021)

So, was the appearance of Park Chan Il and the joining of Jo Rae Hyuk a deliberate plan by ANSP? Unfortunately, the exact meaning of this incident is not yet known. So, don’t forget to always look forward to the newest episode on Moving, OK!(

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