Queen of Tears

In Queen of Tears, Hong Hae In’s brain tumor is getting worse, it is proven that she often has hallucinations. In episode 6, Hong Hae In several times hallucinates about the boy in the green shirt.

Even though it has been explained, there may be some viewers who are still curious about who the child really is. If you look at Hong Hae In’s explanation, the boy is Hong Su Wan. Who is he?

1. The boy is Hong Hae In’s older brother, Hong Su Wan

Queen of Tears

The boy in the green shirt is Hong Hae In’s (Kim Ji Won) older brother. Hong Su Wan (Ko Dong Ha), the older brother, appeared several times when Hong Hae In was hallucinating.

Sometimes Hong Su Wan also came into her dreams. Most likely, the guilt and trauma that Hong Hae In experienced caused Hong Su Wan to appear more frequently.

2. When Hong Hae In was 9 years old, he drowned with her older brother

Queen of Tears

In episode 6, Hong Hae In told Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun) that when she was 9 years old the ship she was on sank. The incident has not been broadcast in detail, but young Hong Hae In (Min Seo Young) and Hong Su Wan were among the people on the ship.

The reason the ship sank has not been explained, whether it was purely an accident or intentional. Since that incident, Hong Hae In has felt guilty because she was the only one who survived.

3. Hong Hae In survived, Hong Su Wan died

Queen of Tears

It is said that Hong Su Wan died during the ship sinking incident. Based on Hong Hae In’s memories, her older brother actually managed to save himself and climb to the beach.

However, seeing that Hong Hae In was still drowning, her older brother went back into the water and saved her. Unfortunately, when she was found his older brother could not be saved.

Since then, Kim Sun Hwa (Na Young Hee), Hong Hae In’s mother, has blamed her. In fact, their relationship was not intimate until Hong Hae In was an adult and married.

The boy was clearly Hong Su Wan. However, the reason why the ship Su Wan and Hae In were on sank is still a question. In your opinion, was it purely an accident or not?

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