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Arthdal Chronicles 2 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and tvN. This drama still tells the story of Eunseom, Tanya, and Saya, and the war they have to face.

One of the figures who stole the attention in the first few episodes was a horse called Kanmoreu. So, what exactly is Kanmoreu? What are his speciality over other horses?

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. Kanmoreu is a descendant of the first and fastest horse

Arthdal Chronicles

Kanmoreu is a direct descendant of the first horse in Arthdal. For years, no one knew Kanmoreu, until finally Mubaek (Park Hae Joon) found the Kanmoreu that Eunseom (Song Jong Ki) was riding in the first season of Arthdal Chronicles (2019).

This horse has the distinction of being able to run very fast. No other horse could match Kanmoreu’s speed. Apart from that, Kanmoreu can also control other horses.

2. In season 1, Kanmoreu came to Wahan Village

Arthdal Chronicles

In the first season, Kanmoreu comes to Wahan Village. At first, the villagers wanted to eat the horse. Eunseom even intends to skin Kanmoreu to make shoe material.

When he first arrived, Kanmoreu was just lying weakly under a tree. He didn’t want to move. Even though Eunseom had dragged him with all his might.

3. Tanya named the horse Bantu, since then Kanmoreu has always helped Eunseom

Arthdal Chronicles

Until in the end, Tanya (Kim Ji Won) gave Kanmoreu a name, namely Bantu. He said that Bantu could help Eunseom. Because if Eunseom can’t ride a horse, he will be thrown out of Wahan Village.

Kanmoreu only melted after Eunseom actually called his name Bantu. In Arthdal Chronicles 2 (2023), Tanya (Shin Se Kyung) again asks Kanmoreu to help Eunseom (Lee Joon Gi) on the battlefield. Moreover, Bantu actually belongs to Eunseom, not Tanya.

4. According to legend, Kanmoreu was Aramun Haesulla’s horse

Arthdal Chronicles

People think that Kanmoreu is just a legend. Moreover, Kanmoreu is the horse of Aramun Haesulla who died 200 years ago.

If it is true that Bantu is Kanmoreu, then it is even more likely that Eunseom is Aramun Aheulusla. However, currently, the Ago and Arthdal tribes believe that Eunseom is Inaishingi.

Kanmoreu can also be communicated with by saram, igutu, or neathal. Do you think Eunseom is Aramun Haesulla? Or is it just a coincidence that he can ride Kanmoreu?

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