The Escape of the Seven

K’s appearance in the Korean drama The Escape of the Seven (2023) episodes 7 and 8 is increasingly visible. Even though he still appears masked, the audience can guess that the actor K is actor Kim Do Hoon.

Then, Who really is K in The Escape of the Seven (2023)? Is it true that he masterminded all the events that happened to Bang Da Mi? How did he know that Matthew Lee was Lee Hwi So?

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

1. K is Han Mo Ne’s ex-lover and the father of her child

The Escape of the Seven

Since the first episode, Han Mo Ne (Lee Yoo Bi) said that she was K’s ex-lover. Even the baby in her womb was also K’s child. It became clearer because Yang Jin Mo (Yoon Jong Hoon) said that Han Mo Ne’s pregnancy should not affect K.

The people who are directly related to K among the Seven, the killers of Bang Da Mi (Jung Lael) are Yang Jin Mo, Han Mo Ne, and Nam Cheol Woo (Jo Jae Yun). On the other hand, Bang Chil Sung (Lee Deok Hwa) and Prosecutor Uhm Ji Man (Ji Seung Hyun) have also met K.

2. K always appears wearing a mask or his face is disguised

The Escape of the Seven

Not everyone knows K’s face. He always appears with a mask that only shows part of his face and lips. Even the audience is still curious whether Han Mo Ne knows K’s real face.

When K takes off the mask, the drama The Escape of the Seven (2023) always disguises his face. Or just highlight the sides, shadows, even just K’s smile.

3. Suspected of being the mastermind behind all the incidents that happened to Bang Da Mi

The Escape of the Seven

People related to K are unexpectedly disturbed by Bang Da Mi’s presence. If Yang Jin Mo, Han Mo Ne, and Nam Cheol Woo fall, indirectly K will also be dragged down.

The bones in the well in Gagok District are thought to be Bang Da Mi. K is suspected of being the mastermind of the plan to murder Bang Da Mi. He deliberately put bones and bombs there to kill Chairman Bang.

4. Apart from being rich, K’s intelligence is considered equal to or even superior to Matthew Lee

The Escape of the Seven

Even though it hasn’t been revealed clearly, K’s stature is like that of a young man. Apart from being rich, he is certainly intelligent, because he was able to create perfect AI technology according to Matthew Lee (Uhm Ki Joon).

On the other hand, it turns out that K already knows that Matthew Lee is Lee Hwi So (Min Young Ki). Because Prosecutor Uhm specifically said that he succeeded in killing Chairman Bang, not Lee Hwi So or Matthew Lee.

Apart from that, K managed to hack all the computers in TIKITAKA, including Matthew Lee’s room. K wrote, “Welcome, Lee Hwi So.”

5. It is suspected that K is played by actor Kim Do Hoon

The Escape of the Seven

The Escape of the Seven (2023) does not yet clearly show K’s real face. In the first few episodes, the audience thought that K was Matthew Lee.

It turns out that Matthew Lee and K are two different people. K also appeared several times without a mask and his silhouette depicted actor Kim Do Hoon.

Actor Kim Do Hoon started to steal attention after playing Lee Gang Hoon in the drama Moving (2023). Previously, he also played Bae Joon in The Law Cafe (2022) and Sin Dae Lyug in Today’s Webtoon (2022).

Viewers hope to soon see K’s real face. In your opinion, is it true that K is actor Kim Do Hoon? Or it turns out the audience was fooled.

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