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Viewers highlight Ji Ji Ahn, Lee Han Byul’s stunt double in the drama Mask Girl (2023). Via Instagram @zizian_ber, she shared her experience filming the Korean drama Mask Girl (2023).

It turns out that Ji Ji Ahn or Zizian is quite famous in South Korea. Curious? Let’s immediately find out about Ji Ji Ahn’s figure in real life!

1. Ji Ji Ahn played a substitute for Lee Han Byul

Ji Ji Ahn (instagram.com/zizian_ber)

Through her Instagram, Ji Ji Ahn admitted that she was acting as a substitute for Lee Han Byul. Not in all episodes, only in the scene where Mask Girl as the streamer is dancing.

“The choreography practice started in January last year as the dancing role of Mo Mi. And finally it was filmed in August last year,” explained Ji Ji Ahn, who danced to the song “The Dance in the Rhythm.”

2. Zizian is known as a model, actress and golf player

Ji Ji Ahn (Thecartgolf via Instagram.com/zizian_ber)

Through her Instagram bio, Ji Ji Ahn works in the entertainment world as a model and actress. Zizian also often shares her portraits when she was a model and appeared in advertisements.

She is also known to be quite athletic, especially in golf. Not only playing golf, Ji Ji Ahn has also become a model for brands related to this sport.

3. Interesting facts about Ji Ji Ahn Looking at her Instagram, here are some interesting facts about Ji Ji Ahn or Zizian!

Ji Ji Ahn (instagram.com/zizian_ber)
  • Ji Ji Ahn’s hobby is traveling, she has visited several countries.
  • Her Instagram has been followed by 27.7 thousand users at the time this article was written.
  • Ji Ji Ahn often shares her moments while working out.
  • Several brands she has worked with include BALLOP, XEXYMIX, SPYDER, Mac Cosmetics, to LG.
  • Ji Ji Ahn shared that she lost 3 to 4 kg to practice choreography for her role in Mask Girl (2023).
  • Last March, she was able to spend 2 to 3 hours practicing dance at YGX with Hee Yeon Wook and Lee Han Byul.

Praised for her visuals, Ji Ji Ahn or Zizian is also gaining popularity like the other main cast members of Mask Girl (2023). Who has visited his Instagram?

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