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In My Lovely Liar (2023), Kim Do Ha (Minhyun), often gets terror which is quite disturbing. He has to be careful when the figure of Choi Eom Ho (Kwon Dong Ho) who comes from his past appears.

If you are still curious, come on, take a look at a number of things about Choi Eom Ho below!

Anyway, this article contains spoilers, okay?

1. Choi Eom Ho is Choi Eom Ji’s older brother

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Choi Eom Ji (Song Ji Hyun) is a girl Kim Do Ha dated in middle school. At that time, both had a sweet relationship. Choi Eom Ho, who is Choi Eom Ji’s older brother, even provided support.

After graduation, Kim Do Ha chose to major in music arts. He also entered one of the best universities in the city of Seoul. Since then, Choi Eom Ji has become more possessive and demands a lot of things from Kim Do Ha.

2. The closeness of Choi Eom Ho and Choi Eom Ji

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On the other hand, Choi Eom Ji actually has a desire to go to college like her lover. She wants to be equal so she doesn’t get discouraged when she’s by Kim Do Ha’s side. Unfortunately, Choi Eom Ji comes from an underprivileged family so she has to try hard to save money.

The father, who is unemployed, often steals Choi Eom Ji’s money. On the other hand, Choi Eom Ho also tried to be there to calm his younger sister’s hurt heart. He said, “You don’t need to dream, your dreams are with Kim Do Ha. He is the only person who can take you out of here.”

This makes Choi Eom Ji hold Kim Do Ha so tightly. On the other hand, Kim Do Ha felt so suffocated that he wanted to break up with her. They had a big fight at Hakcheon Beach. Choi Eom Ji threatened suicide, but Kim Do Ha ignored it.

3. Choi Eom Ho thinks Kim Do Ha killed his sister

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Kim Do Ha was the last person Choi Eom Ji met. Her figure has never been found again since the incident that night. A number of accusations have made Kim Do Ha’s position increasingly cornered. Finally, he was arrested while on campus until his identity was exposed as the murderer.

However, the police did not find direct evidence that could identify Kim Do Ha as the perpetrator. He also managed to be freed. Even so, Kim Do Ha felt so devastated and regretful.

Since then, it has become increasingly difficult for Choi Eom Ho to meet Kim Do Ha. Moreover, his sister’s ex-boyfriend has abandoned his old identity as Kim Seung Ju.

Secretly he lived as a famous composer who never appeared in public. He continued to hide until he wore a mask when he left the house.

4. Choi Eom Ho still has a grudge to terrorize him

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Meanwhile, Choi Eom Ho did a number of ways to meet Kim Do Ha. He also did not accept it when he saw Kim Do Ha’s life that seemed fine.

Choi Eom Ho even terrorized Kim Do Ha’s mother and company. He also disguised himself as a security guard at the apartment where Kim Do Ha lived to ensure Kim Do Ha’s real identity was Seung Ju.

This moment made Kim Do Ha venture to meet Choi Eom Ho. Moreover, Choi Eom Ho had planned to hurt Syaon (Lee Si Woo).

At that time, he explained that Choi Eom Ji was not killed by him. Kim Do Ha’s sincere and desperate gaze made Choi Eom Ho realize one thing, that his younger sister had indeed ended her own life.

5. The character Choi Eom Ho is played by Kwon Dong Ho

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Choi Eom Ho’s own character is played by actor Kwon Dong Ho. He is an actor who was born on March 11, 1985. Kwon Dong Ho has had a long career in the South Korean acting industry. He has also starred in a number of popular dramas, such as Black Knight (2023), Missing: The Other Side 2 (2022), to Monstrous (2022).

Now you know more about Choi Eom Ho and his cast in My Lovely Liar, right? So, don’t forget to always look forward to the continuation of the story in the drama, OK?

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