Who can’t wait to witness the courage of Jin Ho Gae (Kim Rae Won) and Bong Do Jin (Son Ho Jun) in the Korean drama The First Responders 2 (2023)? There is a good news for you. Disney Hotstar channel has announced about the second season. You can watch the Korean drama The First Responders 2 in August 2023.

Before watching the second season, do you still remember the ending of the first season? The first season’s ending of The First Responders is the opening of the second season.

1. Jin Ho Gae resigned from the police force

In the last two episodes, Jin Ho Gae was distraught over the outcome of the kidnapping case of Kim Hyun Seo (Lee So E). The Kim Hyun Seo case is a case that frustrated Jin Ho Gae because she disappeared for many years. It was finally discovered that Kim Hyun Seo was being held captive by a nurse named Kwak Kyung Joon (Heo Jin Won) in the basement where she lived.

Kwak Kyung Joon was successfully arrested. Unfortunately Kim Hyun Seo’s mental condition is very apprehensive. Jin Ho Gae, who regretted not being able to find Kim Hyun Seo sooner, then decided to resign from the police force.

2. Bong Do Jin’s past

In the first season, the audience is invited to focus on Jin Ho Gae’s inner struggle with the case of Kim Hyun Seo’s disappearance. However, at the end of the broadcast, the audience was also led to explore Bong Do Jin’s past. This past seems to be related to the arson case that occurred at the end of The First Responders 1 and is still a mystery.

3. The case of cat death

When Jin Ho Gae was trying to leave the police, there was a case of a stray cat that died in a strange way and caught Jin Ho Gae’s attention. Luckily his resignation has not been processed. In the end, the case of the cat’s death was related to the arson case which was being investigated by the Taewon fire department.

4. Case of arson


On the other hand, Bong Do Jin is suspecting a fire case that looks like arson. If an accidental fire occurs, then arson is an intentional fire event. Taewon fire department has been confused by fires that occur three times a day with an interval of every three hours.

The police and firefighters finally managed to find out the identity of the arsonist. However, when they were about to be arrested, the perpetrators of the arson fled.

Then a big fire case occurred in the parking lot of an apartment. Jin Ho Gae and Bong Do Jin, who were trying to extinguish the fire by crossing the fire escape, fell into the flames. Will they survived?

5. Declaration of love

In the final episode, there is also a declaration of love from Bong Do Jin to Song Seol (Gong Seung Yeon), which has not been answered. Unfortunately, Song Seol, who Bong Do Jin has just recently become convinced of her feelings of love for Jin Ho Gae.

Jin Ho Gae also began to open up to the feelings he had for Song Seol. How will their love triangle continue?

The First Responders 2 will return to present interesting cases that were solved by the cooperation of the police, firefighter, and forensic teams. The audience will be led to the experience of solving complex mysteries using modern methods.

The First Responders 2 will air on Disney Hotstar on August 4, 2023.

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