On Wednesday (6/9/2023), V BTS appeared on the new episode of ‘You Quiz on the Block‘ as a special guest. Beside promoting his upcoming solo mini album, Layover, he also revealed the hard work he put into during Big Hit Entertainment’s auditions.

Even though he has now reached the peak of success, the owner of the real name Kim Taehyung emphasizes that it takes a big struggle in the process. For those who are already curious, this is V BTS’s story about his struggles auditioning at Big Hit Entertainment.

1. The beginning of V BTS auditioning

portrait of V BTS (instagram.com/bts.bighitofficial)

Of course, many fans already know that he managed to pass after being chosen when he accidentally joined his friend’s audition at Big Hit Entertainment. In fact he admits that he didn’t think about becoming a star, he just wanted to “meet Seoul people”.

“Yes, my friend said he would audition so I joined because I wanted to meet some Seoul people. And I was lucky,” he concluded while appearing on the ‘You Quiz on the Block’ event recently.

2. V BTS showed various talents during the audition

2. V BTS showed various talents during the audition

But even though he was considered lucky, V explained on the show that it was actually not easy for him to pass the audition at that time. In fact, he needed to show various talents to attract the attention of Big Hit Entertainment’s casting manager during the audition.

“I went there (audition), and they asked ‘Can you dance?’ and I said, ‘Yes, I can!’, I danced. They asked again, ‘Can you sing?’ and I said ‘Yes!’ I sang but they were like ‘Hmm.. um, can you do something else?'”, said V to Yoo Jae Suk.

Not only singing and dancing, V was even asked to show his other talents at that time by the casting manager. When appearing on ‘You Quiz on the Block’, he said that he also played the saxophone and did beatboxing.

‘I can play the Saxophone,’ and they said, ‘Saxophone? Do you have one?’ I said, ‘Yes, I do it at home. Should I take it?’ I play the saxophone. They said, ‘Anything else?’ and I do beatboxing,” he continued.

3. V BTS chose a special song for the audition

portrait of V BTS (instagram.com/bts.bighitofficial)

With various stories of V’s struggles, Yoo Jae Suk was then curious about the song he sang at the audition. He also surprised fans by revealing that he was actually singing the song “Don’t Cheat” by Miss S.

For those who don’t know, Miss S made her debut in 2008 with the song “Don’t Cheat”. But even now, many have probably never heard of the group, let alone their songs.

The choice of song was also praised because it showed that V wanted to be different when auditioning at that time. Who’s your idol, yeorobun?

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