V BTS in Running Man

V BTS and actor Yoo Seung Ho kept their promise to return to the “Running Man” program. Both of them were reported to have taken part in the shooting of the “Running Man” program which was held on Monday (20/11).

”V and Yoo Seung Ho will be filming today. “The broadcast is scheduled to air on December 3,” explained a source from “Running Man”.

Previously, V appeared as a guest star on “Running Man” last September. Meanwhile, Seung Ho first appeared on “Running Man” in October.

When appearing on “Running Man”, Seung Ho managed to trick the other members and acted like a conman, aka a fraud. Therefore, Haha suggested that “Running Man” hold a special episode with V and Seung Ho.

“Let’s make a special episode with Yoo Seung Ho and V,” suggested Haha in the episode that aired on October 8. “Do you want to appear again with V?” Ji Suk Jin asked Seung Ho.

Yoo Seung Ho in Running Man

Seung Ho smiled shyly when he received an offer to return to “Running Man”. Meanwhile, V, who watched the broadcast, immediately sent a response to Haha.

“I got a message from V, he said, ‘I’ll be there soon’. And he said he wanted to come back (to ‘Running Man’),” explained Haha in the episode that aired on October 22.

This news was immediately welcomed by fans. They can’t wait for the combination of V and Seung Ho in “Running Man”.

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