V BTS and Jennie Blackpink

V BTS and Jennie BLACKPINK’s relationship has reportedly ended. This news was revealed by Korean media, JTBC, on Wednesday (6/12).

The media report revealed that V and Jennie decided to end their relationship recently. Information regarding the relationship status of the two idols was revealed by an insider in the entertainment world. “According to entertainment insiders on the 6th, V and Jennie recently ended their relationship,” explained JTBC.

Even though it was revealed that they had broken up, V and Jennie actually never confirmed their relationship. The two were reportedly dating for the first time in May 2022. At that time, the two of them were suspected of vacationing together on Jeju Island.

V and Jennie’s love story became increasingly widely reported after photos of the two allegedly dating spread on social media in August 2022. Since then, more and more photos are believed to provide clues that the two famous idols are indeed dating.

Regarding the news about V and Jennie’s dating, YG Entertainment was the only source who gave a statement. The agency that oversees Jennie simply refused to provide confirmation for privacy reasons. Meanwhile, HYBE Labels, V’s agency, chose to remain silent.

On the other hand, V will soon undergo military service. It is said that he will start carrying out his duties in the military on December 11. It was revealed that the idol, who was born in 1995, will serve in the Capital Defense Command Special Military Police Task Force.

Not only V will be leaving for military service, RM, Jimin BTS, and Jungkook will also be leaving in the near future. These four BTS members will follow Jin, Suga, and J-Hope who have left for military service first.

Before going on hiatus together, V CS took the time to greet fans together via Weverse Live on Tuesday (5/12). On this occasion, V was made to laugh out loud when Jungkook showed off his shaved head.

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