Jennie Blackpink and V BTS

The agency gave a unified response regarding V BTS and Jennie BLACKPINK who were rumored to have broken up. Although there has been no confirmation, the owner’s real name Kim Taehyung and Jennie have long been rumored to be dating.

On Wednesday (6/12), V and Jennie were reported to have broken up by local media. The news about V and Jennie’s breakup was conveyed by industry insiders.

Regarding this, their agencies did not provide any comments. Even though local media has contacted both BigHit Music and YG Entertainment.

According to My Daily, YG Entertainment is having difficulty stating its position regarding rumors of Jennie breaking up with V. The media outlet has tried to contact the agency, but only got this answer.

As soon as the news of V and Jennie breaking up exploded, netizens were busy talking about it in online forums. They were shocked because the alleged couple reportedly broke up right before V left for the army and Jennie was announced to be continuing her contract with YG Entertainment.

Previously, Jennie and V were reported to have been dating since May 2022 after allegedly vacationing together in Jeju. Some time later, the anonymous person Gurumiharibo appeared who spread their photos, causing YG to give a firm statement that they would take legal action regarding the privacy of their artists.

Then in May 2023, a video captured someone suspected of being V and Jennie walking hand in hand in Paris. The dating video became even more exciting because it was uploaded by Amar Taoualit, a photographer from Paris.

At that time, Jennie-V’s “dating” photos and videos spread widely on social media and became a hot topic. Regarding the dating rumors of the two top idols, YG Entertainment and BigHit have yet to confirm their relationship.

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