Twinkling Watermelon

Twinkling Watermelon” aired its latest episode on Monday (3/10). The third episode of the drama, starring Seol In A and Choi Hyun Wook, experienced the highest increase in ratings throughout its broadcast which attracted the attention of the Korean media.

In the latest episode of “Twinkling Watermelon”, Ha Eun Gyeol (Ryeo Un) looked very surprised when he met his father, Ha Yi Chan (Hyun Wook) when he was young. He was even more shocked when he found out that his father could actually talk.

Eun Gyeol also looked confused because he didn’t know how to get back to the future. The man ended up sleeping on the street because the money he was holding couldn’t be used because at that time the money had not yet been produced.

Yi Chan seemed so desperate to approach Eun Gyeol because his father was the only one he knew at that time. The man hoped that Eun Gyeol would be able to accommodate him. Yi Chan had not yet met her mother’s youth until the third episode.

However, at the end of the third episode, Yi Chan actually met Choi Se Kyung’s youth (In A). The funny thing is that Yi Chan only had time to gape briefly before calling the beautiful girl, “Ahjumma”.


Meanwhile, on the other hand, Eun Gyeol, who ran away from his teacher’s pursuit, chose to hide in the school warehouse. However, it turns out that in the warehouse there was already the figure of Yoon Chung A (Shin Eun Soo), Yi Chan’s mother’s youth. Eun Gyeol squealed pretentiously when he saw Chung A.

The latest episode of “Twinkling Watermelon” was considered amazing by Korean media because its ratings experienced a record increase. According to Nielsen Korea, this teen drama recorded an average rating of 3.4 percent.

“Twinkling Watermelon” scored the highest point in that episode at 5.5 percent. This made the drama achieve the highest rating in all drama broadcasts in the same broadcast slot. Korean media predicts that the ratings for this drama will rise, especially because the plot has entered time travel.

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