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In My Lovely Liar (2023), the mystery of the murder case involving Kim Do Ha’s (Minhyun) past has been revealed in the 9th episode. A number of questions have found their bright spot. This is enough to relieve the audience because the truth is actually not as bad as it seems.

If you’re curious, here are a few facts that have been revealed.

WARNING this article contains spoilers

1. Kim Do Ha met his first love in highschool

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Kim Do Ha met Eom Ji (Song Ji Hyun) while in high school. The girl is a school friend of Kim Do Ha who is known to be his first love. Unrequited, apparently Eom Ji has the same feelings for Kim Do Ha. They forge a romantic relationship by loving each other.

Then, graduation day arrived. Kim Do Ha’s mother who attended met her son’s girlfriend. Unfortunately, the uncomfortable gesture can be seen from the mother’s movements.

2. Kim Do Ha has big dreams, but Eom Ji is too possessive

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Kim Do Ha, who has big dreams, continues his education at a university in Seoul. It is known, he was majoring in art at the time. This condition forces both of them to undergo a long-distance relationship.

However, Kim Do Ha always makes time to visit Eom Ji every weekend. Instead of being pleasant, these meetings often lead to conflict between Kim Do Ha and Eom Ji. This is due to Eom Ji being too possessive of Kim Do Ha. She thinks that Kim Do Ha is the only one she has. Plus Eom Ji’s feelings always say that Kim Do Ha is more concerned with other things out there.

Not only that, this woman demands Kim Do Ha to see her more often. Plus, she also always replies to her boyfriend’s messages in a less than nice tone. Of course, Eom Ji’s attitude makes it difficult for Kim Do Ha. Kim Do Ha could no longer stop this. They had a violent conflict on Hakcheon Beach.

Kim Do Ha also asked to break up with Eom Ji. Unfortunately, Eom Ji actually injured her hand until it bled because of broken glass. Kim Do Ha tried to bandage the wound using his white shirt.

Eom Ji’s anger is getting out of control. She even threatened to die if Kim Do Ha still broke up with her. Kim Do Ha immediately left the woman without even turning around.

3. Eom Ji was never found again

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Since what happened that night, Eom Ji has never been found again. There were his sandals on the beach where the two had an argument. This also indicates that Kim Do Ha was the last person Eom Ji met before disappearing. Moreover, Eom Ji’s blood still remained on Kim Do Ha’s clothes.

These reasons make Kim Do Ha the perpetrator of the murder. He was arrested when he was on campus. Of course, this is enough to make an uproar in the public.

Even so, the police were unable to solve the mystery of the whereabouts of Eom Ji’s body. This instead becomes a barrier to Kim Do Ha’s restraining order. He can be set free. Meanwhile, Deuk Chan (Yun Ji On) provides a solid alibi for Kim Do Ha.

Afterwards, Kim Do Ha got his current identity. He left the name Seung Ju (Minhyun) by starting life as Kim Do Ha. Even so, he still feels guilty that he thinks of himself as a murderer.

This is a bright spot that can resolve misunderstandings regarding Kim Do Ha’s past. Hopefully he can clear his name again

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