In the South Korean entertainment industry, dating scandals are often one of the hottest news stories for the public. Most agencies generally won’t stay silent and immediately release a statement of denial regarding the artist.

Recently, in the latest episode of the program ‘Salty Pawn Shop’ on Tuesday (18/7/2023), Sandara Park and Chaeryeong ITZY, compactly spilling YG and JYP’s ways, faced a dating scandal with their artist. You must be curious, right?

1. Sandara Park confided that her cell phone had been confiscated because she was contacted by many male celebrities

At the event, Sandara revealed that YG Entertainment had confiscated her cell phone because G-Dragon, that she received many calls from male celebrities.

“Because Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon), the boss took it (my cell phone) from me. During 2NE1 activities, I received many calls from male celebrities. Kwon Ji Yong informed everyone at our agency about it and finally got to our boss,” she confided.

2. ITZY’s Chaeryeong is forbidden to have personal social media

Chaeryeong ITZY also had the opportunity to reveal how the agency deals with dating scandals. Just like YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment was also quite strict.

This 2001-born idol emphasizes that JYP Entertainment is very strict when it comes to dating. A number of artists don’t even have personal social media and only use their cellphones to communicate with their parents.

3. How YG and JYP treat their artists

Sandara also revealed that YG Entertainment spent a lot of money on 2NE1’s debut, especially on music videos and costumes. The agency was totally committed to debuting their first girl group at that time.

Meanwhile, ITZY’s Chaeryeong also said that JYP Entertainment also facilitated them in learning to dance and sing. She can also order food at agency restaurants and cafes for free and get foreign language lessons.

According to the confessions of Sandara Park and ITZY’s Chaeryeong above, each agency has its own provisions in dealing with dating scandals. Well, what do you think, yeorobun?

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