Some Korean artists have deleted all of their posts at their own will, not the work of hackers. Even so, they still make fans anxious because they do it after being involved in a controversy or facing bad rumors.

There are so many reasons why the South Korean artists decided to delete all posts on their personal Instagram account. These action make public worry, because they did it suddenly when there are news about their account has been hacked. In addition, they also do it right after getting into a controversy or expressing their frustration at haters.

1. In May, Lee Seung Gi deleted posts due to updating. The agency stated that his account was not hacked to answer fans’ concerns

2. T.O.P ex BIGBANG deleted all posts in 2020. He did it after saying the public hated him so much and made him reluctant to comeback in Korea

3. Lee Kyu Han deletes all posts due to personal reasons in 2021. The public assumes the reason is because he is facing many trials

4. Ahn Jae Hyun deleted all posts in 2019 after his ex-wife told him of her frustration at marrying him. He allegedly did it due to hate comments


5. Gain Brown Eyed Girls deleted all posts after admitting that they were offered marijuana by acquaintances in 2017. The police stated that their posts could be evidence

6. In 2019, Jang Jae In deleted posts after claiming to be a victim of Taehyun’s affair. She was irritated to receive malicious comments

7. Baekhyun EXO admitted to deleting all posts because he wanted to update his Instagram account feed last September

8. Junhyung was allegedly irritated because the public protested that he had too many singing parts in Highlight’s songs. He also deleted all of his Instagram posts in 2017

9. Lay EXO worried when he deleted all his photos in 2015. It was suspected that he wanted to follow Tao from leaving EXO, but he denied the rumors

It’s unavoidable, sometimes malicious comments to the horrendous controversies that Korean artists face above are quite difficult to overcome. However, they have returned to actively uploading various new photos which now fill their personal Instagram account.

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