Moving (2023) has aired episodes 14 and 15 on Wednesday (7/9/2023) on Disney+. A number of things that used to be question marks have become clearer.

One of them is the mystery regarding Jeongwon High School. This is the school where Kim Bong Seok (Lee Jung Ha), Jang Hui Soo (Go Yoon Jung) and Lee Kang Hoon (Kim Do Hoon) studied. It seems that Jeon Gye Do (Cha Tae Hyun) who has electric powers also graduated from Jeongwon High School.

It turns out this was not a coincidence but intentional. So, what is the truth about Jeongwon High School in the drama Moving

1. The origins of Jeongwon High School were initiated through new facts known by Min Yong Jun and Jo Rae Hyuk

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Jo Rae Hyuk (Yoo Seung Mok) is secretly monitoring the former ANSP agents. He also discovered interesting facts about supernatural powers that could be passed on to their children.

Jo Rae Hyuk captured every detail. One of them was when Jang Hui Soo survived a fatal accident. It is quite surprising that ordinary humans can survive. Moreover, Jang Hui Soo was able to complete the recovery period in just a week.

Meanwhile, Kim Bong Seok also did not escape from his surveillance. Jo Rae Hyuk knows that Kim Doo Sik‘s son (Jo In Sung) has the same ability to fly as his father. This was due to little Kim Bong Seok being always tied up by his mother so he wouldn’t escape supervision. Moreover, the chair that Kim Bong Seok was sitting on while eating at a shop floated so that Lee Mi Hyun immediately grabbed it.

On the other hand, Min Yong Jun (Moon Sung Geun) also saw Lee Gang Min attack the police force alone. This was because the little boy felt angry and threatened when his father was about to be arrested. Min Yong Jun also realized a similar fact to that discovered by Jo Rae Hyuk. This is about supernatural abilities that can be inherited.

2. Structured ideas for the development of Jeongwon High School through the National Talent Development Project (NTDP)

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Jo Rae Hyuk drafted a proposal for the National Talent Development Project (NTDP). He also presented this very confidently to Min Yong Jun. The project contains a more structured and systematic monitoring plan.

Jo Rae Hyuk conveys a new idea regarding building schools with advanced motives. Supernatural children can attend school there when they reach adolescence. They will also be recruited to become National Intelligence Service (NIS) agents, especially ANSP.

the other hand, there is Yeo Woon Kyu (Kim Shin Rok) who expressed his disagreement with the plan. The reason is, this is too dangerous and risky for the survival of the organization. However, Min Yong Jun actually gave approval.

3. The entry of supernatural children into Jeongwon High School is made as natural as possible through the ANSP scenario

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Lee Gang Hoon was especially close to Jo Rae Hyuk when he was in middle school. He explained in detail the background of Lee Jae Man (Kim Sung Kyun), who was detained twice.

Of course, this made Lee Kang Hoon feel surprised. Jo Rae Hyuk also stated his identity as the principal of Jeongwon High School, but also as an NIS employee. Apparently Lee Kang Hoon received an offer to join, as long as he was willing to continue his education at Jeongwon High School. He was also interested, he did this to clear his father’s good name so he could be free again.

Jang Hui Soo was involved in an attack case against 17 students at her previous school. This made her have to pay a certain amount of compensation money until she was expelled from school. Jang Hui Soo’s fate ended when she entered Jeongwon High School during her final days before graduation.

Unfortunately, the chronology of Kim Bong Seok’s schooling at Jeongwon High School is not clearly described. This section is still left to be gray.

Meanwhile, there is Jo Rae Hyuk who leads as principal at Jeongwon High School. Choi Il Hwan (Kim Hee Won) and Yoon Sung Wook (Jun Suk Ho) are sports teachers who become Jo Rae Hyuk’s accomplices in supervising the three children, also there is Hwang Ji Sung (Kim Jong Soo), who was the head of NIS security who switched to becoming security at Jeongwon High School.

The revelation of a number of theories about the school aroused the audience’s curiosity. Of course, this is an interesting piece that too good to miss.

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