Lee Soo Min

A woman named Lee Soo Min tells her story of three failed attempts to debut as a K-Pop idol.
The story was told by Lee Soo Min herself in the YouTube broadcast TAEK AND JOON on Friday (10/11).

Through her story, Lee Soo Min initially told how her struggles and ups and downs experienced repeated failures to debut as a K-Pop idol.

It is known that Lee Soo Min participated in three different survival shows within a period of two years, namely between 2016 and 2017.

While participating in the survival event, Lee Soo Min’s vocal and dancing abilities received praise from the audience.

Unfortunately, Lee Soo Min had to bury her dream of becoming a K-Pop idol because she couldn’t compete with other contestants who were superior to her.

Because of this, Lee Soo Min felt like she had lost the meaning of life and looked at everything pessimistically.

In fact, Lee Soo Min will cry when she listens to the song because she always imagines himself on stage.

“When I hear the song I will definitely cry because I imagine myself on stage. Now I don’t want to imagine anything when I hear the song because everything is over and I won’t be able to go on stage,” said Lee Soo Min, quoted from KbiZoom.

“I was depressed and didn’t want to live. My family was also worried but when I explained the reason they still listened,” she continued.

Failing to become a K-Pop idol, the 24 year old woman tried various jobs, including being a Zara store employee who folded clothes.

Lee Soo Min, who felt she was not good at working at the Zara store, then taught as an English teacher and continued her education.

Thanks to her mother’s support, Lee Soo Min managed to get a perfect score on the TOEIC English test and entered Dongduk Women’s University majoring in International Business Administration.

“Previously, people could recognize me on the street, but now I can calmly roam around at home. My face looks chubby in front of the camera so people can realize that I have gained weight,” she concluded.

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