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The song “Youtiful” from Stray Kids has been released in June 2, 2023.┬áBang Chan, the leader created the song for their fans.┬áSocial Media discussed the deep meaning of the song.

Furthermore, this is an explanation of the meaning of the song “Youtiful” by Stray Kids which makes listeners emotional. This song is especially shown to STAY who are always at the forefront of supporting Stray Kids members. While listening to the song, think about its meaning too

1. Taken from the words “You” and “Beautiful”

stray kids
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“Youtiful” includes Stray Kids’ meaningful songs and was specially shown for his fans, STAY. Actually, this song was written by Bang Chan before Stray Kids released SKZ-RECORDS. However, the song “Youtiful” was decided to be included in the 5-Star album considering the depth of its meaning.

The song “Youtiful” from Stray Kids has been released since June 2, 2023. Not long ago, the song created by the leader, Bang Chan, was again busy being discussed on various social media. Most of them discussed the deep meaning of the song.

You also have to know the meaning behind the title of the song “Youtiful”, here. It stands for “You” and “Beautiful”. When combined, Stray Kids wants listeners to realize how beautiful they are when they listen to the song.

2. You are a form of magic itself

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Magic is real, but not everyone wants to admit it. As soon as you listen to the song “Youtiful”, you will realize a series of miracles that have happened in your life. After all, there’s no need to go any further, you are a form of magic in itself.

In each of the lyrics of the song, Stray Kids reminds us not to get tired of understanding ourselves. Take out the track record of your ups and downs in the past few years. Conical to the smallest detail, then you will realize the contribution of magic in your life.

3. Feeling lonely doesn’t mean you’re alone

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There are times when a person lives in solitude. You must have felt like you don’t have anyone. Well, the presence of this song proves that you are not truly alone. Stray Kids will bring the world and its people into the song “Youtiful”.

Look around, then you will realize that loneliness is nothing more than a momentary feeling. Look at yourself in the mirror and say positive words. See? You only need the will to leave the darkness to see the colors of the rainbow.

4. Find and radiate inner beauty

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Diving into the depths of Stray Kids’ “Youtiful” lyrics, one thing that you can’t miss is the way this boy band explores inner beauty. It takes listeners only a few seconds for their emotions to be artistically conveyed.

Stray Kids passionately encourages listeners to recognize the intrinsic value to connect in their unique beauty. Moreover, people with inner beauty live without going with the flow. There’s nothing wrong with being different or walking the untouched path.

5. Don’t equate your standard of living with others

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Using other people’s lives as a benchmark is not a good idea. Stray Kids with the song “Youtiful” tries to voice this, especially for those of you who feel inferior. Instead of forming self-quality like other people, come on, start setting our own standard of living.

If fear strikes again, rest assured that it’s all just spinning in the mind. After all, in fact, this world is not about you alone. Everyone has their own burden and life. Focus on your goal!

Behind the song “Youtiful”, there are many messages that Stray Kids wants to convey to STAY. One of them is returning the support they have received from fans. There’s no need to doubt anymore, this boy group’s sincerity to its supporters!

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