The Escape of the Seven

“The Escape of the Seven” is known to have a fantastic production budget. However, the SBS drama starring Lee Yu Bi recently received demands to stop broadcasting due to various controversies.

According to information from Korean media, “The Escape of the Seven” cost 46 billion won to produce. Unfortunately, the drama, which also stars httpskoreannewsinfo.commin-do-hyuk-support-matthew-lee-in-the-escape-of-the-seven, has continued to attract protests from the audience since its initial broadcast.

One of them is because several scenes in “The Escape of the Seven” touch on certain professions. What was most widely protested was the scene when Go Myoung Ji (Jo Yoon Hee), who is a teacher, was seen accepting bribes happily.

The Escape of the Seven

Viewers eventually flooded the bulletin board for “The Escape of the Seven” asking for the drama to stop airing. “Please stop showing the drama,” demanded one viewer. “This is outrageous and delusional! Don’t write K-Dramas like this!” added another.

“Do you want to be sued by the professor for defamation?” continued another. “As a professor, I was angry to see the professor accepting bribes,” added another viewer. “Please cancel the K-Drama. At least it ends early,” concluded another viewer.

On the other hand, the plot of “The Escape of the Seven” is filled with terrible characters such as a high school student who gave birth at school, a mother who strangled her daughter because of her own desires, a teacher who helped his students frame other people and others.

As the story progresses, “The Escape of the Seven” is considered increasingly boring and makes the audience feel tired. When real life is frustrating, there’s really no reason for viewers to seek out stories full of anger-inducing characters.

Meanwhile, “The Escape of the Seven” is also facing a crisis because the main director Joo Dong Min left the project in season 2. The production team announced that co-director Oh Jun Hyuk will be responsible for directing the drama in the next season.

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