The Disney+ drama “Vigilante” starring Nam Joo Hyuk is ready to air starting November 8. Ahead of the broadcast of the drama, Kim Kyu Sam as the writer of the original webtoon “Vigilante” praised Joo Hyuk who plays the character Kim Ji Yong.

According to Kyu Sam, Joo Hyuk has a cruel aura when he displays a serious face. “I really like the way actor Nam Joo Hyuk, who plays Kim Ji Yong, displays a serious expression on his boyish face that exudes a cruel aura,” explained Kyu Sam.

Furthermore, Kyu Sam admitted that he was curious about the character Jo Heon. “When I heard actor Yoo Ji Tae was playing that character, I thought this was the best choice,” he explained.

Apart from that, Kyu Sam also praised Lee Joon Hyuk as very suitable for playing Jo Gang Ok. Meanwhile, actress Kim So Jin is said to have performed well as Choi Mi Ryeo.


Meanwhile, Kyu Sam has watched the drama before its release. He praised that each episode ended well.

“In terms of action and overall sensation, I think the story surpasses the original. I really like it because it feels like my imagination is expanding,” he explained.

On the other hand, the cast’s resemblance to the webtoon characters can be seen from the special poster of “Vigilante”. Kyu Sam drew the previously released “Vigilante” poster with his own painting style.

In the poster, Kim Ji Yong shows two different faces during the day and at night. There is also Jo Heon whose face is half covered in shadow, the mysterious Gang Ok, and Mi Ryeo who looks striking with red hair.

On the other hand, “Vigilante” tells the story of Ji Yong who lives a double life. In the morning, Ji Yong is an honorary police student who protects the law. But at night, Ji Yong turns into a Vigilante who beats up criminals who have escaped the law.

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