After NCT was rated as the busiest group this year, SM Entertainment was flooded with fan criticism. They demanded that the agency provide sufficient rest for the members. Moreover, Taeyong recently made a solo comeback.

But instead of delaying the NCT concert, the agency continued to hold it as planned. Until recently, Taeyong felt pain in his chest after appearing at KCON LA. How will his performance at the NCT concert on August 26?

1. Complained of chest pain while performing at KCON LA

portrait of Taeyong NCT (instagram.com/taeoxo_nct)

In the midst of solo promotions and preparations for the NCT concert, Taeyong still managed to appear at KCON LA on August 18. Apart from presenting an extraordinary appearance in front of fans, this NCT leader was also lined up as the MC of the event.

While in Los Angeles, Taeyong also did a live broadcast on Instagram to greet his fans. But in the middle, the singer of the song “Ruby”, said that his chest hurt and he was worried he couldn’t perform well at the upcoming NCT concert.
“Actually, my chest hurts a little. I don’t know if I can do well next week. I’m worried. I hope to get better next week,” said the 1995-born idol while live on Instagram.

2. Absent from NCT group photo during practice

portrait of Taeyong NCT (instagram.com/taeoxo_nct)

Taeyong did go to KCON LA on the D-day of the concert, then came back the next day. Even after returning to Seoul, he was immediately seen in the content shared on the official NCT account preparing for the NCT concert and group comeback.

However, after a day of practicing with the members, Taeyong seemed absent from the group photo that was shared. This also made the fans wonder where he was, and one of them said the leader was absent because of the LOEWE event.

3. Taeyong update is in the hospital

portrait of Taeyong NCT (instagram.com/taeoxo_nct)

But Taeyong himself later revealed that he went to the hospital because he had a cold, high fever, and physical pain. This also strengthens the allegation that the singer of the hit “Kick It” was exhausted due to his busy schedule.

After receiving the news from the idol, fans noticed that Taeyong was not feeling well during practice and put a blanket over his shoulder to help keep him warm. In another message, Taeyong explained that even though he felt bad, he still had to carry on with the concert and put on his best performance.

“There is no time to feel sick,” he said.

Currently Taeyong hopes that his condition can recover soon so he can give maximum performance at the NCT concert on August 26. Let’s wish the best for Uri Taeyong, yeorobun!

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