Ahead of her solo comeback with the 5th mini album entitled “To. The X” 1989 singer’s comeback teaser was accused of plagiarizing scenes in Jungkook BTS’s “Seven” music video.

Approaching the release of the mini album “To. The X” video shows a scene where Taeyeon is having dinner with a man, then changes to a scene where she is alone.

BTS fans think this scene is similar to the scene between Jungkook and Han So Hee in the music video “Seven.” Here, the youngest member of BTS is seen having an argument while having dinner at a restaurant with the actress who plays his girlfriend.

Many BTS fans made negative comments, saying that the dinner scene in Taeyeon’s highlight video plagiarized the scene in the MV “Seven.” The scene where Taeyeon is alone is also considered to imply a couple’s fight, which is similar to Jungkook and So Hee’s fight in the MV “Seven.”

Responding to accusations of plagiarism aimed at Taeyeon, SNSD fans and netizens defended the “INVU” singer. According to them, Jungkook is not the only singer who features a dinner scene in his music video.

Others highlighted that Taeyeon was referring to her own solo song entitled “11:11” which was released in 2017. The single’s music video also shows a scene of Taeyeon having dinner with a man.

Meanwhile, the mini album “To. X” This is predicted to be Taeyeon’s big, highly anticipated comeback since her last release, “INVU” which was launched in 2022.

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