mask girl

Netflix today, Friday (18/8) released its newest original Korean drama titled Mask Girl.

Mask Girl follows the journey of Kim Mo Mi (Go Hyun Jung), an office worker who is pushed aside by her own insecurities about her looks.

mask girl
Synopsis of Drama ‘Mask Girl’, which will be broadcast starting today on Netflix/Photo: doc. Netflix

Her failed childhood dream of fame led her to find a second life as a model on the internet ‘Mask Girl’. Her identity is hidden safely behind a mask and she enjoys the attention she has always wanted.

Joo Oh Nam is a person who is obsessed with Mask Girl and ends up being involved in an unexpected case with Kim Mo Mi.

Kim Mo Mi’s life gets more complicated when she is chased by Kim Kyung Ja, a divorcee who is looking for her missing son.

In the middle of being involved in an unexpected case, Kim Mo Mi disappears without leaving a trace.

She skillfully evades Kyung Ja’s pursuit, acquiring a new identity and the stunning appearance she’s always dreamed of, getting closer and closer to the enchanting life she’s been craving.

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