Elegant Empire

Dramas about revenge are always fun to watch. This time, there is a new drama titled Elegant Empire which will air on August 7, 2023. If you look at the poster that was just released, this drama has makjang vibes like Penthouse (2021).

Even though the story seems heavy, dramas like this always have a special place in the hearts of fans. Starring a number of well-known artists such as Kim Jin Woo and Han Ji Wan, this drama will air in 100 episodes. Curious about the full story? Check out the reviews here.

1. Synopsis of the drama Elegant Empire

Elegant Empire (instagram.com/kbsdrama)

Drama Elegant Empire follows the story of a man who seeks revenge and a woman who is desperate to get the life of her dreams. Jang Ki Yoon (Kim Jin Woo) is the chairman of a large agency called Elegant Empire Entertainment. He looks perfect in the outside, but actually have big ambitions and secrets.

Meanwhile Shin Joo Kyung (Han Ji Wan) is a Cinderella figure in real life. She comes from the lower classes who married a chaebol, namely Jang Ki Yoon. Until an unexpected incident made her lose her beloved husband and daughter.

Later there will be a character similar to Shin Joo Kyung, namely Seo Hee Jae. She is a Korean-Japanese mulatto woman. This is where the excitement of the Elegant Empire plot will begin, are the three of them related to each other?

2. Stars of Elegant Empire

Elegant Empire (instagram.com/kbsdrama)

The drama Elegant Empire is played by South Korea’s top ranks of actresses and actors. They will act to bring their respective characters. Here’s the list of players:

Kim Jin Woo as Jang Ki Yoon Han Ji Wan as Shin Joo Kyung / Seo Hee Jae Kang Yul as Jung Woo Hyuk Son Sung Yoon as Jacqueline Lee Sang Bo as Na Seung Pil Lee Mi Young as Woo Young Ran Kim Seo Ra as Hong Hye Rim Nam Kyung Eup as Jang Chang Sung Bang Hyung Joo as Yang Hee Chan Kang Sung Hoon as Jung Soo Ho Kim Ga Ran as Oh Na Hee Lee Jung Bin as Shin Ye Kyung Yoo Jang Young as Director Jo

3. Promising supporting characters

Elegant Empire (instagram.com/kbsdrama)

Apart from Kim Jin Woo and Han Ji Wan, the drama Elegant Empire is also supported by a line of other promising characters.

Jung Woo Hyuk (Kang Yul) is a new actor from a small agency called NA Entertainment. He has feelings for Shin Joo Kyung, but the appearance of Seo Hee Jae who looks so much like Shin Joo Kyung makes him confused.

There is also a charming art museum director named Jacqueline (Son Sung Yoon). She had a tremendous influence on society. Jacqueline tries to win Jang Ki Yoon’s heart to replace Shin Joo Kyung.

For you lovers of Korean drama Makjang, you really have to watch Elegant Empire. Stories of love and revenge are always exciting to follow. Look forward to the broadcast of Elegant Empire on August 7!

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