Midnight Romance in Hagwon

The tvN network is currently preparing to broadcast the latest Korean drama entitled Midnight Romance in Hagwon. As the title suggests, this drama carries the romantic genre and is directed by Ahn Pan Seok who previously had success with Something in the Rain and Secret Love Affair.

Midnight Romance in Hagwon also succeeded in attracting fans’ enthusiasm, because it stars actor Wi Ha Joon. Come on, find out the synopsis and broadcast schedule for Midnight Romance in Hagwon below.

1. Synopsis of Midnight Romance in Hagwon

Midnight Romance in Hagwon

Midnight Romance in Hagwon focuses on the life of a woman named Seo Hye Jin. She worked as a private Korean language teacher at an educational academy in Daechi, Gangnam for 14 years.

Seo Hye Jin is described as a character who never gives up. Because of her success in helping her student, Lee Joon Ho, to enter a prestigious university, her popularity and credibility as a private teacher increased.

10 years later, Lee Joon Ho returns to the academy as a novice private teacher. She decided to resign from a big company in order to return to her first love, who turned out to be none other than Seo Hye Jin. Even though Seo Hye Jin strongly opposed Lee Joon Ho’s decision, the man was not afraid to continue approaching him.

2. Midnight Romance in Hagwon cast list

Midnight Romance in Hagwon

So far, tvN has only introduced two main players. The character Lee Joon Ho is played by Wi Ha Joon, who was previously successful with the series The Worst of Evil with Ji Chang Wook.

Meanwhile, the character Seo Hye Jin stars Jung Ryeo Won. Wow, it’s definitely going to be an epic duet between them.

3. Midnight Romance in Hagwon broadcast schedule

Midnight Romance in Hagwon

The good news is, Midnight Romance in Hagwon will premiere on May 11, 2024 every Saturday and Sunday at 21.20 KST. This drama aired to replace the Queen of Tears slot, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won. Don’t miss it!

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