No Secrets

Go Kyung Pyo will finally make a comeback. The Incheon-born actor plays an announcer who is known to be very disciplined in the latest Korean drama entitled No Secrets with actress Kang Han Na as his co-star.

This will be Go Kyung Pyo’s first acting project this year, after last appearing in the popular series D.P. 2 in 2023. So, for those who are curious, here is the synopsis and list of players for No Secrets, Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na’s latest Korean drama. Check this out!

1. Synopsis of No Secrets

No Secrets

The Korean drama No Secrets is a romantic and comedy genre set in the world of broadcasting. Go Kyung Pyo will play Song Ki Baek, an announcer who is known to have a good and polite attitude so that many people often praise him.

However, the situation changed after Song Ki Baek suddenly started speaking harshly, thoughtlessly and hurtfully. This change is certainly a new problem in his life as a broadcaster with a good image.

On the other hand, Song Ki Baek meets On Wo Joo, a variety show writer played by Kang Han Na. However, the change in behavior that occurred towards Song Ki Baek made On Wo Joo interested in inviting him to her project.

As time goes by, Song Ki Baek and On Woo Joo’s togetherness grows the seeds of love. How will their love story continue?

2. No Secret player list

No Secrets

Not only Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na, here is a list of Korean drama players No Secrets.

Go Kyung Pyo plays Song Ki Baek
Kang Han Na as On Woo Joo
Joo Jong Hyuk as Kim Jung Heon
Lee Bom So Ri as Lee Ha Young

3. No Secrets broadcast schedule

No Secrets

The Korean drama No Secrets is scheduled to premiere on May 1 2024 via the JTBC channel. Wait for further news, OK!

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