Sweet Home 2

After waiting for three years, the Netflix series “Sweet Home” finally returned with season 2. The success and popularity of the first season made viewers look forward to “Sweet Home 2” with high anticipation.

In “Sweet Home 2”, Cha Hyun Su (Song Kang) and the other residents of Green Home Apartments must survive in the outside world. However, the order of society has changed drastically due to a terrible monster outbreak.

On a larger scale, “Sweet Home 2” features many new characters. Starting from other survivors to government personnel and military forces.

In terms of story, “Sweet Home 2” no longer only discusses Hyun Su and the residents of Green Home Apartments. This series also shows the stories of many characters who are separated in various places.

Firstly, there is the story of Hyun Su and Jung Ui Myeong who infiltrated the body of Pyeon Sang Wook (Lee Jin Wook). Ui Myeong tries to persuade Hyun Su to accept his monster side.

Then there is also a story about survivors from the Green Home Apartments who were taken to the stadium shelter. Starting from Lee Eun Yu (Go Min Si), Yoon Ji Su (Park Gyu Young), Kim Yeong Su (Choi Go), Cha Jin Ok (Kim Hee Jung), to Kang Seung Wan (Woo Jung Kook).

Sweet Home 2

Later, they will meet other survivors such as Chairman Ji (Kim Shin Rok), Bong Sun Hwa (Yoon Se Ah), Jung Ye Sul (Yang Hye Ji), and Oh Jun Il (Kim Dong Young). The survivors were also escorted by soldiers such as Tak In Hwan (Yu Oh Seong), Kim Yeong Hu (Kim Moo Yul), and Park Chan Yeong (B1A4’s Jinyoung).

Apart from that, there is a separate story about Seo Yi Kyung (Lee Si Young) who realized that she was pregnant and separated from the group to look for her husband. There is also Dr. Lim (Oh Jung Se) is obsessed with finding a vaccine for monsters and has the heart to do terrible things to the object of his research.

The many new characters and the story being divided into several groups make “Sweet Home 2” seem to lose its focus. Viewers may also find it difficult to sympathize with the characters.

Sweet Home 2

Hyun Su, the main character, even “disappeared” in the middle of the story. The storyline slowly focuses on the group of soldiers guarding the survivors in the stadium shelter.

However, “Sweet Home 2” also makes viewers wonder who is truly evil, monsters or humans. The reason is, this series shows the terrible behavior of humans who prioritize their own safety. Viewers might even be able to sympathize with some of the monsters.

On the other hand, the audience’s emotions will be mixed with the death scenes of a number of main characters. Some survivors from the Green Home Apartments met their deaths in the outside world, or even turned into monsters.

With an 18+ rating, “Sweet Home 2” also features scenes of explicit violence that may disturb some viewers. Starting from the Dr. Lim cuts from the object of his research to the scene of Yi Kyung giving birth in a layer of ice. Apart from that, a number of characters also have nude scenes. Starting from Hyun Su, Ui Myeong, to Lee Eun Hyeok (Lee Do Hyun).

Sweet Home 2

In terms of effects and VFX, “Sweet Home 2” is able to display quite realistic and terrifying monsters. The movements of Hyun Su’s monster wings are even made to reflect the conflicting emotions he feels.

The car and helicopter chase scenes on the streets of Seoul are also equipped with powerful explosion effects. Likewise with the scene of soldiers fighting against monsters.

The ending of “Sweet Home 2” will probably raise more questions in the audience’s heads. It is hoped that these questions can be answered in “Sweet Home 3” which has completed the shooting process.

Therefore, let’s watch “Sweet Home 2” directly on Netflix!

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