In the near future, Suzy will greet the public through the drama “Doona!“. The actress, born in 1994, plays the character Lee Doona, the former center of a popular girl group who decides to retire and become an ordinary student.

Not long ago, Netflix shared a series of photos from when Doona was still active as an idol. By Korean media, the photo of the scene was immediately compared to the era 13 years ago when Suzy was still busy promoting miss A.

At the age of 15, Suzy already had the beauty that earned her the title, “The nation’s first love”. Her big, expressive eyes, perfectly sculpted nose, and sweet and radiant aura make many people flutter when they see her.

Suzy at the age of 16 has an innocent beauty. Meanwhile, when compared to now, her image of being beautiful, mature and successful makes it difficult not to be fascinated by the beauty of the drama star “Anna”.

Suzy Now and When With Miss A

Even after being actively involved in the world of acting, Suzy’s beauty as an idol remains intact. Korean media also praised Suzy for looking younger and more charming compared to when she first debuted.


Previously, Korean journalists also said that Suzy’s visuals could conquer the current fourth generation girl group. Especially when Netflix also distributed photocards showing the actress’s visuals no less than her juniors who are still active as idols.

On the other hand, Doona!” is a drama adaptation of the popular webtoon entitled “The Girl Downstairs”. This drama focuses on telling the story of an ordinary student named Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) and retired K-pop idol Doona who meet in a rented house.

Meanwhile, “Doona!” will air starting October 20. Many are curious to see the interaction between Suzy and Se Jong as a couple in love. Don’t miss watching it.

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