Suzy in Doona!

Suzy shows various styles when playing Lee Doona in the Netflix drama “Doona!”. Interestingly, the appearance of the actress born in 1994 consists of a mix of outfits from cheap to very expensive.

At the start of the drama, Suzy was seen wearing a lacy crop top from H&M combined with checkered patterned trousers. The trousers, which are equipped with pockets on both sides, are from the ORCITE brand and are quite cheap, namely 25 USD

Suzy also wore a black turtleneck combined with a skirt with distinctive stripes and tassel details. The umpak style skirt from the EENK VIVA brand is priced quite expensively, namely 416 USD.

When Doona’s curiosity about Lee Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) increases, Doona often appears feminine. Suzy once wore an ivory white mini dress with a floral pattern from Notyourrose which was priced at 78 USD.

Suzy in Doona!

Towards the end of the drama, Doona starts to look glamorous again because she has returned to the world of entertainment. The woman wore various expensive items such as the Valentino Toile Iconographe Viscose Bralette with a price of 1.6 thousand USD.

Suzy completed her look by wearing Valentino bottoms worth 1.6 thousand USD, then over-the-knee boots that cost 2.3 thousand and gloves from Tulle that cost 490 USD.

Suzy’s expensive look was made to showcase Doona’s sizzling and bold vibes. The woman completed her transformation with long gloves and matching boots, cementing her position as the queen of K-pop.

Meanwhile, “Doona!” tells the story of the character Doona, who initially decided to retire from the entertainment industry because of an incident. While living in a boarding house near campus, he met Won Jun. They finally fell in love with each other.

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