Suzy and Yang Se Jong

The Netflix original series “Doona!” has again made fans curious by releasing the latest poster ahead of its premiere. Adapted from the webtoon “The Girl Downstairs”, “Doona!” is a romantic drama about ordinary college student Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) and retired K-pop idol Doona (Suzy) who meet in a share house.

The newly released poster depicts Doona and Won Jun crossing the line between housemates and growing closer after spending their days together. Won Jun watches Doona approach him with her eyes closed, feeling both heart-fluttering excitement and confusion about Doona’s sincerity with the text on their poster reading, “What’s on your mind?”.

Apart from that, Netflix also released a new teaser showing the lives of Doona and Won Jun as they merge with each other. Doona seems to find unexpected comfort in Won Jun, while Won Jun’s campus life is shaken by Doona’s arrival when he enters college.

Bae Suzy‘s acting is extraordinary and impressive, she brought her character well, I got goosebumps watching her, she was perfect. Thank you very much NETFLIX, you are the best,” commented netters. “The atmosphere is more heartbreaking and exciting than the original. It feels like it’s been a long time since a romantic drama came out, so I’m very happy. Suzy seems to have changed her image and even the tone of her voice to suit her work, it’s the best,” said another. “Wow, the acting is amazing. Both of them are really good. Watching the trailer made my heart flutter and made me cry. I want to see Doona and Wonjun All Man as soon as possible,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, Suzy last starred in “Anna” playing the main role of Lee Anna or Lee Yumi, a woman who lives a completely different life with a new identity that started with a small lie she made. Meanwhile, Yang Se Joong Pada starred in the historical action drama “My Country” before deciding to enlist.

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