“Doona!” It immediately presented 9 episodes when it was released on October 20. This drama closes with an open ending about the romance of Lee Doona (Suzy) and Won Jun (Yang Se Jong). However, netizens recently discovered the alleged actual ending was deleted.

Netizens discussed the leaked photo showing Suzy and Se Jong kissing in a field of flowers. Of the 9 episodes that have been broadcast, this moment was not shown at all. Many believe that the scene was removed by the “Doona!” production team.

Netizens also realized that the costumes worn by Suzy and Se Jong were exactly like those in the intro to “Doona!”. They also thought that the kiss photo was the real ending of the Netflix drama where Doona and Won Jun had a happy ending.


The alleged happy ending of the photo of Suzy and Se Jong kissing was flooded with positive comments from netizens.

On the other hand, “Doona!” tells the story of Doona, a girl who initially decided to retire from the entertainment industry. While living in a boarding house near campus, Doona met Won Jun, who she initially thought was a stalker.

Realizing that her guess was wrong, Doona started approaching Won Jun, who she felt was very innocent. But the beautiful woman has forbidden Won Jun to like her. As time goes by, the two of them actually love each other.

Meanwhile, the ending of “Doona!” very different from the webtoon version. In the webtoon, Doona and Won Jun actually separate because they realize they are from different worlds. Won Jun is also shown to have a new girlfriend who is very loyal to him.

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