Yang Se Jong underwent an interview session with the ELLE KOREA YouTube channel which was released on Friday (27/10). The actor, born in 1992, discussed his experience filming the Netflix drama “Doona!” with Suzy.

One thing Se Jong discussed was his struggle with Suzy filming in winter but they pretended it was summer. The two of them even iced themselves so that their breath couldn’t be seen.

“In our summer clothes, on a very cold day, pretending not to feel cold, we acted. That day was really very cold. I thought it was the end of the year. We only wore long-sleeved clothes,” said Se Jong.

“We will put ice in our mouths so that our breath cannot be seen. We will swallow the ice and spit it out, then for a while, your breath will not be visible,” continued the character who plays Lee Won Jun.

Se Jong also discussed his recent hobbies. “It’s been about a year and a half, I’ve been into boxing, I’m very dedicated to boxing. This is really the best, the best training. It’s very fun, improves reflexes and reaction speed, and relieves a lot of stress,” said Se Jong.

Se Jong highly recommends the sport. The actor practiced so diligently that he even did it 3 times a week. “Even when filming dramas, if I have a day off in the week, I will definitely go to the boxing gym,” he continued.

Se Jong then discussed the similarities and differences between himself and Won Jun. “This may be a little serious, but Won Jun carries a lot of responsibility, carries the burden of life. I feel like I’m a bit similar in that respect. The difference between me and Won Jun is, Won Jun is a very pure character. He is very studious,” he continued .

Meanwhile, “Doona!” tells the story of Doona (Suzy), a K-Pop idol who initially decided to retire to focus on her education. He lives in a boarding house and meets Won Jun, the man who finally encourages him to rise to stardom.

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