Yang Se Jong and Suzy in Doona!

Suzy and Yang Se Jong underwent an interview session with the Netflix YouTube channel K-Content in a video released Friday (27/10). There, the main couple “Doona!” discusses the kiss scene rehearsals that they have to go through. In the drama “Doona!”, Lee Doona (Suzy) and Lee Won Jun (Se Jong) had a kissing scene in the kitchen. While discussing Won Jun’s blind date, Doona suddenly approached the man and kissed him on the lips. Their kiss made the box containing ice cubes spill onto the floor.

It was Doona and Won Jun’s first kiss in “Doona!”. “This is their first kiss,” said Se Jong. “Yes, and it’s very one-sided,” Doona replied. “It’s true,” said Se Jong. Suzy then laughed and unexpectedly said, “I’m sorry.”

Suzy then explained that it was the scene where Doona began to realize that she liked Won Jun. “Won Jun went on a blind date. Previously, Doona often teased him and supported his love life,” said Suzy.

“But after finding out that he was actually meeting a girl, it made him anxious and he was jealous. So, she expressed her feelings in her bold way. And then the ice fell. It was quite intense for a kissing scene,” he added.

They then explained how the process of filming the kiss scene was. Because of the director’s wishes, they went back and forth to practice the kiss scene. “The director wanted this scene to look beautiful but also tense. So, we discussed our positions a lot,” said Suzy.

“The director tried it himself. We did a lot of practice to find a beautiful angle and to convey their relationship,” added Suzy. “We did a lot of practice. I had to lean back but it also had to be beautiful for the camera,” said Se Jong.

They also have to make the ice fall in a natural way. “We also had to drop the ice naturally. We tried hard in this scene to make it look natural and convey their emotions,” concluded Suzy. What do you think?

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