Suzy and Wi Ha Joon smoking scene

Suzy and Wi Ha Joon have so many smoking scenes in their respective dramas. Suzy via “Doona!” while Ha Joon starred in “The Worst of Evil“. Because of this, the two actors were linked in a hilarious way by netizens.

Netizens apparently think what would happen if the characters Doona (Suzy) and Jung Gi Cheul (Ha Joon) really met in one drama. It is very likely that the moment the two characters have a date will be filled with the smell of cigarettes.

On the other hand, Suzy in her interview said that her smoking scene felt more challenging rather than difficult. “Doona smokes a lot in the webtoon. At first I was worried, but I liked the fact that I would show something new to the audience,” said Suzy.

“Cigarettes are an important tool to represent Doona. So, I focused during filming,” continued Suzy. Unfortunately, some netizens thought that Suzy’s smoking scene seemed quite awkward. Even so, it was clear that Suzy was struggling to look natural in that scene.

Different from Suzy, Ha Joon’s acting for the smoking scene felt truly natural. Many people think Ha Joon actually smokes in real life despite his scenes in “The Worst of Evil”.

Meanwhile, Suzy and Ha Joon already have a new project in which they are starring. Suzy will star in “Everything Will Come True”. Meanwhile, Ha Joon is now busy filming the drama “Graduation”. Continue to provide support for these two actors, okay?

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