Bae Suzy in Doona!

Suzy recently gave an interview with Korean media outlet TV Report and talked about her latest Netflix drama “Doona!”. In this drama, Suzy plays Lee Doona, a retired K-pop idol who meets Won Joon (played by Yang Se Jong), an ordinary student in a share house.

In the interview, the reporter said “Doona!” like Suzy’s picture book because of its charming visuals. “I was satisfied with every scene of this drama because they shot a very beautiful version of me. There was a scene of Doona smoking while waiting for a phone call in the first episode. I filmed that scene for a long time. There was also a long shoot at the end, although I don’t know why. I really liked that scene,” he said.

Playing an idol certainly makes fans remember Suzy’s figure in the past as a member of Miss A. However, apparently the star of the series “Start Up” also admitted that she was reminded of her memories and struggles as an idol.

“I really felt it when I saw Doona. When I read the scenario, I remembered when I did group activities. Most importantly, I then realized when I saw this work that I had avoided difficulties. So when playing Doona, I faced the difficulties that I felt when that. Now? I don’t have any trouble. I’ve become comfortable with separating work from everyday life,” he exclaimed.

Meanwhile Suzy made her debut with Miss A under JYP Entertainment. This 29 year old idol then made her debut as an actress with the television series “Dream High” in 2011 and its success then made her star in many other dramas as the main character such as “Gu Family Book”, “Uncontrollably Fond”, “While You Were Sleeping”, ” Vagabond” to “Anna”.

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