Suzy always captivates fans with her natural beauty at every opportunity. Even recently, when she was seen attending an event for luxury watch brand Longines in New York, Suzy managed to exude elegance when side by side with Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence.

On September 23, Suzy attended an event in NYC as an ambassador for Longines, where previously the star of the “Vagabond” series was appointed as an ambassador for the luxury watchmaker’s brand in May last year. On this occasion, the former member of the girl group Miss A was seen posing nicely with Jennifer Lawrence, while cleverly showing off her luxury Longine watch.

Not long after the pictures and videos of Suzy’s appearance with Jennifer were shared online, quite a few fans and netizens then praised their elegance and visuals with comments.

Suzy in luxury watch brand Longines in New York

Meanwhile Suzy will return to the screen with the Netflix series “Doona!” which also stars actor Yang Se Jong. This drama is adapted from the webcomic “Lee Doo-Na!” by Min Song Ah and is planned to be broadcast in the last quarter of this year. “Doona!” itself tells the story of Lee Doo Na (Suzy) is a member of a female idol group and is the main vocalist and most popular member of the group, but she suddenly announced her retirement. Doo Na now lives in a row house located near the university, and rarely goes out. Meanwhile, Lee Won Joon (Yang Se Jong) is a student and an ordinary, warm-hearted young man with nothing special in his background. He started living in the same house as Doo Na where his warm heart gave Lee Doo Na comfort and later became attracted to each other.

Apart from that, Suzy was recently reported to be reuniting with Kim Woo Bin in the romantic drama “Everything Will Come True” written by Kim Eun Sook. This drama will tell the story of Genie (Kim Woo Bin) a spirit who comes out of a lamp and is full of emotional overload and goes back and forth between different emotions. On the other hand, Ga Young (Suzy) is someone who lacks emotion and happens to summon Genie from her lamp and is given 3 wishes to make.

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