Suzy in Doona!

Suzy will soon greet the public with her latest drama broadcast on Netflix entitled “Doona!”. Interestingly, Korean media recently predicted that Suzy could save Netflix through her latest drama.

“Doona!” is a romantic drama about an ordinary student named Won Jun (Yang Se Jong) who lives in the same rented building as Doona (Suzy), a former K-Pop idol. This is a drama adapted from a popular webtoon.

Since the early stages of development, “Doona!” It immediately attracted attention because it cast Suzy as the main character. This is the second time Suzy has played the main character used as the title in a drama.

Previously, Suzy played the character Anna in the Coupang Play series entitled “Anna”. The actress received good reviews for her impressive acting transformation. Suzy is even credited with helping the new OTT platform Coupang Play attract public attention.

Coincidentally, Netflix recently disappointed viewers with the lackluster performance of its original series. The majority of Netflix fans complain that there have been no hit series or popular works since the release of “The Glory” in the first half of this year.

Therefore, attention is focused on “Doona!” which is predicted to be able to save Netflix from its crisis in the second half of this year. From Coupang Play to Netflix, can Suzy establish herself as an actress who guarantees the success of OTT series?

Previously on Monday (2/10), the Netflix Korea YouTube channel uploaded a special behind-the-scenes video from “Doona!”. The one-minute video shows various scenes belonging to the drama’s main couple.

In the video, Se Jong is seen expressing his curiosity about Doona (Suzy). “What is Lee Doona like as a pop idol?” he asked. The man started looking for information about Doona on the internet.

Doona then appears, introducing herself as the main vocalist of the girl group Dream Sweet. Her appearance with a charming outfit and beautiful choreography reminded people of when Suzy was a member of miss A in the past.

Meanwhile, “Doona!” will be presented by Netflix on October 20 with a total of 9 episodes. Don’t miss watching it.

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